Past editions
MÉDITERRANÉE(S) - Festival 2010
  Friday 01 October 2010 - 20h30
N°27 - La Pépinière Ambérieu

Le Tombeau des baigneuses

First performance

A young man dreams of reforming the world. He is in a state of shock from a terrible image: two dead bathers on a southern Italian beach. He wants to start again from scratch. From fantasy to fantasy, we are drawn into his world. Two women – ghosts, realities, memories? – inhabit the space like the mirrors of his conscience. The three characters evolve in a musical environment which echoes the interior wanderings of the young man. These worlds merge and become confused, in a series of magnificent polyphonies.

Chaly Marty

Maud Chapoutier

Pauline Huruguen


Jean François Estager

composition électoacoustique

Mathilde Billaud
réalisatrice son

Adèle Grépinet

Marie Boethas

création lumières

Raphaël Patout
ass. mise en scène

Le Tombeau des baigneuses,  (Pierre Kuentz) © J. Kerling

A coproduction between the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre, Aragon Cultural Centre – Oyonnax, Grame – Centre national de création musicale, Compagnie des Infortunes. The company is supported by the town of Ambérieu-en-Bugey. With the support of the Théâtre de L'Elysée Lyon.

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Thu 30/09La Pépinière

Kuentz Pierre

Écriture & mise en scène

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Place de l'Abbaye
01500 Ambronay

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